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Underage DUI Charges

If you are arrested and charged with the crime of DUI, then you could face severe penalties for conviction. For those who are over 21, the legal BAC (blood alcohol content) limit is 0.08%; however for those who are under the age of 21, the legal limit is 0.02%. Any traceable amount of alcohol in your system could result in an arrest and charge of DUI. It is important that you have an attorney on your side who knows the law and can help with you decisons to reach a favorable outcome in your case.

The penalties that you could face for a conviction may cause a great deal of hardship in your life. If you are convicted of a first underage DUI offense, then your license will be suspended for three months. Being convicted of a second underage DUI offense within five years of the first, then your license will be suspended for six months. A refusal to take a breath test will result in six months license suspension for a first conviction. It is important that you have skilled representation in your case as you could obtain a very favorable outcome in your case, and there is no evidence admitted in a DUI case that cannot be fought against by a skilled representative.

DUI Attorney in Lexington, SC

With the proper representation and legal assistance , you could obtain a favorable outcome in your case, and continue your life without this conviction on you record. I am Attorney Farley and I can provide you with the legal assistance that you need in your case. I offer a free case evaluation so that you may obtain legal advice and information regarding your case without any financial obligation on your part. Contact my firm today to discuss your case and to begin the process of retaining the representation that you need in your situation.